Crane Building

Industrial Crane Building


This new 21,000 square foot addition to a major manufacturing company located in Raleigh, North Carolina consists of a Varco Pruden pre-engineered metal building framing system, designed to support two 40 ton overhead cranes, two 10 ton overhead cranes and multiple jib cranes.  The building has Metl-Span insulated metal roof and wall panels and a 10 foot high masonry wainscot around the perimeter.  The roof system incorporates state of the art Baylight prismatic skylights manufactured by Bay Insulation Company providing natural day lighting.  In addition to the new building expansion, an existing 10,000 square foot pre-engineered building was completed retro-fitted with a new single slope roof, utilizing VP Buildings slope built-up components and standing seam roof system and new Metl-Span insulated metal wall panels. The roof was also fitted with VP Buildings PrisMax SL prismatic skylight for an energy efficient natural daylight facility.